Thursday, September 12, 2013

Oswego's Loss

Oswego lost one of its jewels last week.  After more than 30 years of service to the town, Bill Cunningham turned in his resignation.  For nearly 20 years, he volunteered as a city councilman, then upon his retirement he devoted a good portion of his life to keeping our Riverside Park beautiful.

Remember the park of 20 years ago?  It has always been a nice location but in Bill's hands, the park has become a show place. Because of Bill's tireless work the memorial trees have been nurtured.  He has designed beds, planted, pruned and watered hour after hour through these hot summer months.

Bill has served as head of the Park Foundation, he's lead the tree board and those who have worked with him have been impressed with the care he has given to the feelings of all the individuals and groups he has worked with.

A lot of people work for some sort of power or glory, but Bill has devoted 200% of his time and talents to this community - in his quiet way making an enormous difference in our town.  Sadly, as is often the case with people like Bill, some people have certainly taken him for granted and sometimes, enough is enough.

Oswego has been made a better place because of Bill Cunningham and he is leaving a hole that the city will be unable to fill.  But we all recognize that Oswego is a better, more beautiful, place because of his sacrifices.  Thank you, Bill.